The Minister of the “Cadbury Pastorate” (Weoley Castle, Weoley Hill and Bournville URC churches)

New Minister

Leonora originally hails from the Netherlands, but served as a minister in Birmingham some years ago, and is glad to be back here. Her husband Michael Jagessar is originally from Guyana. She comes then with a wide experience but also understands life in Birmingham, and about being the minister with a group of three different churches.
Leonora conducts one or two of our services a month, and the others are led by visiting preachers or one of our own members. We continue to be available for services for Weddings, Baptisms, Blessings or Funerals, led by Leonora or by URC ministers from nearby. If you would like to arrange one of these, or if you need to talk to the minister for any reason, please email or phone Leonora J-VH email: dsleonora [at] , Tel: 0121 472 0730, or the Church Secretary, Christine Miles email: wccc50sec [at] , Tel: 0121 475 3841.